Welcome to NoRandom Dates, a matchmaking service for single professionals looking for long-term relationships!

We know how to match you with a partner to build a strong, happy relationship filled with love, support, and mutual respect.

Our mission: more loved and happy people on the Planet!

How It Works
You submit the form
You submit detailed information about yourself and specify your personal preferences regarding a partner.
Our advanced AI powered algorithm finds the best match
It's akin to shopping: you pick only the traits you desire in a partner.
Our personal manager sends you the best match
Only at this point do you and your match see each other’s profiles and decide whether to approve the date.
We send you on a date with your future soulmate
We assist in arranging the first date with the candidate you have approved. With NoRandom Dates, you meet your match on your first date!
We’ll find your ideal long-term partner. Sign up for NoRandom Dates!
Feedback From Our Clients
  • Anna, 35
    Single Mom, Freelance Graphic Designer
    I had almost given up on finding someone when I decided to try filling out a questionnaire. I've been on four dates, and the fourth one, with Gleb, turned him into my boyfriend. Miracles do happen. Thank you.
  • Luca, 31
    Never married, Software Engineer
    You are a pleasure to work with. I dislike communicating with strangers and browsing through dating sites, so I thought I would give this a try. I filled out a questionnaire and that was it - then I was just sent matches. It's paradise for an introvert like me.
  • Margo, 36
    Never married, PR manager
    I was skeptical about using a dating service at first, but the personalized approach your team takes to matchmaking changed my perspective. Not only was I matched with someone who shared my values and interests, but the process was so easy and stress-free.
  • Julia, 45
    Never married, HR Manager
    I was drawn to Mark's profile and photo, but I was worried it might be fake and that he wouldn’t be the same in person. However, it turned out to be one of the best dates of my life. We opted to keep seeing each other, and now we are dating. Thank you so much.
  • Max, 51
    Divorced with 1 kid, CTO
    The chatting was very respectful. It's too early to talk about a romantic relationship, but I'd like to continue getting to know this person better. I really want to understand them more.
  • George, 43
    Divorced, Entrepreneur
    We had a wonderful time on our date, and I'm continuing to see Kate. We've already arranged to go dancing together. Thank you so much to your team.
What's more?
No fakes and inappropriate profiles
Every new profile is sent to moderation. We rigorously check and remove fake and inappropriate profiles.
No profiles on public access
No profiles are publicly accessible. Your information is only shared with your most compatible match and does not appear in a general feed. There are neither public profile feeds nor endless swiping.
You don’t need to communicate with the candidates
Leave all communication to us – your matchmaker will handle it! All interactions are conducted through your personal matchmaker. During this process, we identify and discontinue working with unsuitable individuals. Only the most worthy candidates will be arranged to meet you.
You may either approve or decline the date with the suggested match
If the date is approved, we coordinate the timing with both you and your match. If not approved, we embark on finding you another match, always respecting your preferences and ensuring suggestions are aligned with your desires.
You meet your soulmate in NoRandom Dates and start happy relationships
What happens after the date? If you and your match like each other in person and wish to continue exploring the relationship, we highly recommend that you leave NoRandom Dates together and try to build an exclusive relationship.
You won't be able to avoid meeting your soulmate with us
What happens if you and your match choose not to stay together? If it happens we restart the process and search for your next candidate until you meet your real soulmate.
Invest in Your Most Important Life Step – Meeting Your Ideal Partner
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